I am Jorge Cerna-Madrid. I am a Product Designer UI/UX and interdisciplinary designer. Prototype and design digital products that connect humans to the digital world. Hailing from Washington State, I live in Bremerton WA, a 20-minute ferry ride to Seattle. Putting me close enough to the mecha of the bustling city with the serenity of the ability of getting lost in the woods. I began my journey as a Graphic Designer in 2000 as a 3D Graphics and Animation Artist. My work consisted of architecture buildings, flight simulator animations, and video games. In 2008 i was approached by Cantor Fitzgerald to consult on a few ideas the Chairman Howard L wanted to bring to pixels. I took on the challenge and flew to Las Vegas, after a week full of designs and ideation I was offered relocation and a full-time position in the heart of sports betting: Las Vegas. My Career evolved from Generalist to Product Designer. As a Product Designer, I gained the skills to interview clients to get a feel for their idea and then gather qualitative and quantitative data. This allows me to prototype in Adobe Flash and After Effects in order to demonstrate how the software should behave. This new exposure was euphoric and I was hooked, I knew Product Design was wired to my DNA, and all my knowledge and experience helped me achieve my dream career. It is fantastic to experience and mold how technology has evolved from 2008 to today, I can only imagine what the next 15 years will bring...


Bremerton, Washington 98337